The Siberians Series



The Siberians – Journey into the Unknown


Covers the period from late 1918 – 1920.


The 2nd Book in the Series


The Sukhov family has re-established their home and businesses in Barnaul after the Bolshevik defeat. Mikhail and Sergei are away at war with their new unit that is steadily advancing towards Moscow. There is a coup, and a new commander of the White Army in Siberia takes control. The Imperial Gold is seized from the Bolsheviks, foreign troops are supporting the White Army in Siberia, and tentative moves are made towards peace talks despite victory for the White Army looking imminent.

And, then things start to go wrong – horribly wrong.

Once again the Sukhov family need to make a decision whether to stay or flee, as their world starts to crumble around them.

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