The Sukhov Family Gallery.


Dmitry Mikiforovich Sukhov, unknown DOB-1893. A merchant of the top guild, patron engaged in social development projects and Barnaul govenor. (since 1812)

Dmitry Nikiforovich originated the tradition of patron town governors who would not use their political clout to lobby their commercial interests. It is known that Dmitry Sukhov, a leading Barnaul entrepreneur, donated a part of his income from million fortune, two factories and a trading house to charity. When he became town govenor he donated the govenor’s salary to the public, created the Primary Education Welfare Society and bought grain for the city. He created a trend in Barnaul of the late 19th-early 20th centuries: a wealthy man who became town governor was to donate his means and salary for the benefit of the public which was a kind of voluntary vow of community service given by the patron. Thanks to him there appeared a classical high school and a new cemetry on Moskovsky Trakt in Barnaul as well as chain stores ( today they would be called “welfare stores”) in Barnaul. His son Vasily also was a town govenor who continued the family tradition.

Pavel and Maria Sukhov’s wedding.

Pavel and Maria were married, January 24th 1896. The original photograph, along with other family photographs, is in the possession of the author.

The Sukhov Family homestead, Altai Krai Region. 

Pavel Sukhov at an older age

Maria Sukhov at an older age.

Galina Sukhov

Iya Sukhov

Mara Sukhov

Dmitry Sukhov